Books: Who Wants Them?

This week’s RFT cover story, “Disappearing Ink: What Will Happen To All the Books?,” is all about the relevance of printed books. Thousands of books are recycled, repurposed, or simply thrown in the trash each year. The value of the printed word seems to be in swift decline, while ebooks (which have been around since the 1970s) are becoming ubiquitous, thanks in large part to the popular Nook and Kindle ereaders.Student Art

What do you think about traditional books? Will they soon join the dinosaurs? Answer our FB poll or add a comment to tell us what you think. You can read the RFT story online or pick up a free printed copy in the library.

Photo is “Student Book Art” copyright 2007 by carmichaellibrary and made available under an Attribution 2.0 Generic (CC BY 2.0) Creative Commons license on Flickr.

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